Vin’s shares jumped like a storm, the whole market was in shock


After yesterday’s sharp plunge, this morning (June 16), indices have bounced back impressively although liquidity has somewhat cooled down compared to previous sessions. Vingroup’s “they” shares rose sharply.

Specifically, VN-Index increased by 18.34 points, or 2.2%, to 850.81 points; HNX-Index increased by 1.3 points or 1.14% to 115.12 points; UPCoM-Index also increased 0.39 points or 0.7% to 55.92 points. Liquidity on the HSX reached 250.06 million shares, equivalent to 3,398.43 billion dong and reached 37.41 million shares, equivalent to 361.52 billion dong on the HNX. This number on UPCoM is 12.55 million shares, equivalent to VND 123.45 billion. The picture of the market changed color and completely contrasted with yesterday’s session. The green color dominated with 416 gainers, 39 gainers to the limit compared to 208 decliners and 36 floor-downers on all 3 exchanges. In the VN30 basket, only 3 stocks decreased, the remaining 27 stocks increased, so the VN30-Index also increased by 15.92 points, or 2.04%, to 794.63 points. In which, the pillar codes all recovered strongly. VHM increased by 4,000 VND to 74,000 VND/share; VNM increased by 4,000 dong to 116,000 dong, VIC increased by 3,100 dong to 92,100 dong; SAB increased 3,000 dong to 169,000 dong, VCB increased 1,000 dong to 83,000 dong. A variety of other large codes such as VRE, MWG, PLX, BVH, BID, GAS…. All prices increased sharply.

If in the previous session, Vingroup’s stock was one of the main factors that “swallowed” the market, this morning, this group was the “goddess” to pull the index to recover. VHM contributed 3.82 points and VIC contributed 2.99 points. VRE also brought back 0.96 points for VN-Index. In the opposite direction, Tan Tao’s ITA continued to be profit-taking and fell to the price of 5,760 dong/share. VJC, EIB, HBC, DPR decreased. On the international market, US stocks also recovered after the worst trading week since March. In which, the Dow Jones index rose 157.62 points, or 0.6%, to 25,763.16 points; The S&P 500 rose 0.8% to 3,066.59 and the Nasdaq Composite added 1.4% to 9,726.02 points. US markets rebounded on news that the Fed will buy individual corporate bonds, marking broader access to the secondary market and indicating the agency will continue to support credit markets. Regarding the prospect of today’s trading session, except for VDSC, most securities companies made cautious comments. According to VDSC, currently the market’s main indexes have all reached important support areas. Therefore, investors can disburse slightly into stocks with deep declines to explore the market at this time. Meanwhile, Mirae Asset Vietnam Securities Company said that yesterday’s strong selling session showed that the short-term downtrend is still maintained with the nearest support level around 820 points. The short-term technical score according to the Mirae Asset system continues to remain negative as most of the indicators are showing pessimistic signals.