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VXT GROUP is a Joint Stock Company established under the Certificate of Business Registration with the code 0108554035 issued on December 18, 2018 of the Department of Planning

and Investment of Hanoi.

From the organization formerly known as Construction Enterprise No. 1, undergoing periods of consolidating the apparatus and changing the organization, changing the model of Parent Company – Subsidiary & Joint Venture, Associated Company after becoming The Company has officially re- named VXT GROUP.

During the process of construction, development and growth, with the efforts and efforts to create prestige in the market, the Company has affirmed its position as one of the reputable companies in the Real Estate Investment market. Manufacturing & Construction in general, Labor export and Study abroad, Training and supply of domestic manpower, Education and training … The market of construction and real estate activities of the Company is diversified and accessible. with many new business areas.

VXT GROUP has accumulated a lot of experience in managing and directing production and business, accumulating more capital and increasing production capacity; The relationship of the Company with your Businesses is tight and expanding, so that the output value and annual turnover are constantly growing at a high and stable level.

VXT GROUP with 2 companies in Overseas Manpower Supply. From 2006 until now, we have been supplying about more than 20 thousand workers to many markets such as: Libya, The Middle East, Taiwan, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Romania, Hungary, Poland…

Moreover we also have system of 2 Colleges names: Vietnam College of Foreign Languages and Technology; Hai Duong College of Technology.


Abbriviation name: VXT GROUP
Representative: Mr. NGUYEN VAN XUAN – CHAIRMAN

POST OFFICE: 2.1 Main Office:

Contact Address:An Khanh – Hoai duc – Ha Noi

Tel:+84.24. 66608586

Fax:+84.24. 36410355    E-mail:info@vxt.vn


2.2 Member Companies :


International Development Corporation(VTC Corp)

Thang Long Avenue, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi, Vietnam

+84.24 3641 0345 +84.24 3641 0355

2. VINATRANCO Logistics & Trading Services Joint Stock Company

Địa chỉ: Điện thoại:Fax:

Số 473 Minh khai – Hai Bà Trưng – Hà nội84.24.38623566

3. Vivaxan Vanxuan Joint Stock Company( VIVAXAN)

Address: No.15, Group 6, Phu My, My Dinh 2 ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi City, Vietnam.

Tel : +84 – 243 795 7942Fax: +84 – 243 795 7941

4. Vietnam College of Foreign Languages and Technology 5. Hai Duong College of Technology

2.3. Construction teams, construction and operation Management Boards under the Company1. Construction Team no. 1

Add: No 5, Lane 30 Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi Tel: +84.24 36231410
Fax: +84.24 36231410


leadership and executive organization

which is compact, reasonable, dynamic and suitable with the market mechanism, experienced staff, engineers and skilled technical workers, equipment and technology Modern construction works to meet all requirements of partners

conducting production and business activities nationwide

Especially in the construction field, the Company has found a place in the market and affirmed its prestige through the projects that have been participating and directly invested in industrial fields. and high-tech and civil infrastructure

Quality: Comply with ISO quality management system

the management is highly professional. Progress: Always ensure work progress as committed in the contract. In construction, the company promoted joint ventures, associates, established subsidiaries or affiliates in the field of construction technology such as high-rise construction by new technology, so it significantly reduced exam time.

proud of its competitive advantage in the field of ``Price``

when participating in bidding for construction of domestic and foreign construction projects thanks to a system of commercial representative offices of the Company located in foreign and big cities in Vietnam, therefore, the Company is always proactive in supplying construction materials and equipment at extremely competitive prices in the marke.

transparency in finance, management, transactions and relationships

Coming to the Company is that you have come to a reliable address, we are committed to giving you a high-value product and aesthetic value as you wish …

looking forward to expanding B2B networking

In order to expand production and business and grow more and more, the Company is always ready and looking forward to expanding relationships, cooperation and joint ventures with individuals and economic organizations at home and abroad.

Additional Information

Organizing production and business activities of VXT GROUP

COMPANY under the model of a joint stock company but in the model of Parent company – Subsidiary – Associated company, it is a model that creates a lot convenient for the development of the Company in the initial stage when separated from the centralized management model, it has mobilized a large amount of capital from the shareholders of the Company and also used the brand of associates in the search, market exploitation and management organization according to the general


With the orientation of diversifying production lines and multi-ownership, the Company has invested in large projects on infrastructure of industrial parks, commercial areas, supermarkets, offices for lease and high-class apartments. , Investment in Trade & Import-Export Labor … to catch up with the general development trend of the country as well as being ready for access and integration with the international market together with Vietnam’s accession. World Trade Organization WTO.


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