Thang Long Capital

Thang Long Capital is a complex of commercial, service and office centers and apartments to be designed in a modern style. Thang Long Capital belongs to a complex of 5 buildings Thang Long Victory project with an area of ​​about 3.2ha. Owning a special position in Nam An Khanh urban area, inheriting all utilities, infrastructure, and regional traffic


In the North: The area is surrounded by green trees, internal roads and Thang Long Boulevard with 4 large lanes, facing the North An Khanh urban area (Splendora)
South: Bordering on internal roads, tennis courts and children’s play area, the whole view of Nam An Khanh urban area of ​​T1, T2 and Vimhomes Thang Long
West: Bordered by a green park and outdoor swimming pool, view direction of the complex of housing, office and commercial services of T4, T5 Thang Long Victory
To the East: Adjacent to the 21m road into the project, heading towards Hanoi city center.
Thang Long Capital is adjacent to the project of high-class Spendoza urban area, Vinhomes Thang Long, so customers living here can inherit and synchronize utilities in the area.


Land area: 31,394 m2 (including 5 mixed-use buildings)
The Thang Long Capital project is 35 stories high in which:
+ 2 basements for parking.
+ 5 mixed floors of commercial and service centers.
+ From floor 6 – 35: Apartment to stay
Number of apartments: 540 apartments
The density of podium building: 45%
Tower building density: 29%
Total investment capital: 905 billion VND.
Ownership: Long-term

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