Project Details

Investor:Maurer Imobiliare and VXT Group.

Nation: Romania

Date: June , 2020

Value Keys

4 start hotel remark

Located in Central of capitol

High Rate of Invest Return

Full Europe facilities

A residential project developed by Maurer Imobiliare and VXT Group (Co-investor)

With over 12 years of experience, in which we have continually evolved and have always tried to exceed our customers’ expectations, we have surpassed the impressive number of 6500 built apartments. In the cities where we chose to pick up some of the most modern residential areas, such as Cluj, Sibiu, Targu Mures, Constanta, and Brasov, we created communities united by a strong family sentiment.

With a strong desire to pave the way for a perfect home, Maurer Villas is the result of the needs and suggestions of the people who chose to work with us. Because we care and we always knew to listen to what they had to say, I became the main choice of those who want to see their dream transposed into reality.

OUR PROJECTS Maurer Villas is the choice for the future

The Maurer Villas project is the expression of the imagination and desires of our clients, which we have chosen to meet with a new type of buildings, the transition from classical buildings to villa-style blocks being a convenient one.

The quiet area, but with huge tourist potential, is in the middle of nature and away from the noise of the city. We know your family deserves the best, so we created the concept of Maurer Villas with the intention of raising our standards. Children are our future, which is why we have prepared playgrounds where they can bind friends, consume their energy in a constructive way.

Here is where your dream becomes reality. Regardless of the type of apartment, you are looking for, our architects have delineated the spaces so as to increase your possibilities to decorate. Every member of the family has the opportunity to personalize, as desired, their own room.

  • A residential compound in the quiet area
    Dream location
    Now you are closer to nature than ever. Maurer Villas connect you with the fresh air of the mountain.Residential complex with over 15.7 hectares
    Maurer Villas counts the number of dreams you can fulfill. Even yours.
    Home is where the family feels fulfilled. Home is at Maurer Villas Brasov.

The city that unites them all!

Maurer Villas, a new architectural concept

An important asset of this project is the architecture of the buildings. For the need for privacy and the desire for peace, we thought of villa-type buildings, lower than the classical blocks, 2 floors + attic.

Buildings are thought to be spacious, elegant, where dreams can become reality. The little ones will spend time outdoors quality, and their childhood will get the stories of the story.

Conscious of nature

Because we respect the activity we perform, the promises made to the clients and, of course, nature, we created a residential ensemble in Brasov connected to the green spaces to which I assigned a light urban environment.

Modern, small-sized villas, chic, modern buildings will be successfully complemented by the natural surroundings that surround them. The color that will predominate will be green, and this will always give you the feeling of freshness, tranquility, and harmony.

Safety first of all

In addition to the playgrounds that we built under the latest European Standards in force, we have equipped the Maurer Villas with modern technologies so you can feel safe and get worried when you are at work or on vacation.

We also take care that the green spaces are always clean and arranged, and you can enjoy the fresh, fresh air. Trust us and let us deal with all aspects of comfort.

Many parking spaces

From the need to save space, with the desire to capitalize on it, but also from the experience of previous projects, all buildings are equipped with underground parking.
The utility of a car is incontestable, but so is the need for a parking space. Your car will be safe and you do not have to do that you have no place to leave because you will only have your own place.

Open the requirements

The way we work is not a secret, so we want to be as transparent as possible in all the activities we carry out. Your safety is a priority for us, so we want to make sure you get exactly what I promised. Whenever you need information about the status of the works or even want to visit the location where your future home is raised, contact us and we will give you all the answers you are looking for. At Maurer Villas Brasov, find partners to help you in all your points of interest.

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