Viet Thang International Development Join Stock Company (VTC Corp) was officially established on November 22th, 2006, by experienced members, passionate about contributing to the development of the Vietnamese labor community. The Ministry of Labor- Invalids and Social Affairs trusted and supported licenses to our company, always oriented by the Social and Public of Vietnam, aiming to improve human knowledge, living standards and equip more advanced labor skills for the Vietnamese community in the Reform Term. VTC Corp always works with the mind of “Conscience” placed on top.

 The strength of VTC Corp is an effective and flexible management system to meet the care of domestic and foreign workers with systematic procedures, quickly services and friendly, polite attitude. VTC Corp always responds promptly to the demands of higher quality of human resources, more dedicated working spirit, and multi soft skills to adapt to the International Manpower Market’s requirements.

The essential markets trusted by VTC Corp include Japan, Taiwan, Romania, Poland, EU, UAE, Arab Saudi, and the Middle East … with over three thousand employees each year. Along with the development of the community, in addition to unskilled workers, generations of students and engineers, masters have come to VTC Corp with the dream of enriching themselves and society..

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