1. a) Construction of urban infrastructure and industrial parks, civil and industrial projects;
  2. b) Construction of road traffic works and small-sized bridge and jetty projects;
  3. c) Construction of small and medium sized electric and hydroelectric projects, transformer stations up to 500KV;
  4. Installation of construction structures, water and electromechanical equipment, installation of refrigeration equipment;
  5. Implementation of construction contracts for overseas projects;
  6. Interior and exterior decoration and architectural landscape construction;
  7. Import and export and trading in construction goods, materials, equipment and vehicles;
  8. g) Construction of irrigation works (dykes, embankments, pumping stations, dams); water supply and environmental treatment works;
  9. h) Rental of construction equipment;
  10. i) Investment, exploitation, operation management, business services and high-rise apartment buildings, supermarkets and offices for lease;
  11. j) Investment in housing and real estate development, urban technical infrastructure, industrial zones, export processing zones and high-tech zones (excluding consultancy on land and housing);
  12. g) Structural design of civil and industrial works
  13. h) Water supply and drainage design – water environment for construction works i) Construction architecture design;
  14. j) Design of low-voltage power supply: for civil construction works;
  15. k) Production and sale of construction materials;

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