General introduction

VXT Group Joint Stock Company has a registration license number 0702001435 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City, 473 Minh Khai, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi Over many years of establishment. and developed in many fields such as trade, construction, domestic and foreign investment, training, and human resource supply, ... following the vision and business ethics of sustainable development for the community that the Founder founded. As set forth, VXT Group always upholds the principle of Prestige - Sustainability - Humanity and continues to affirm its position as the leading corporation in Vietnam loved and respected by customers and partners.


Aspiring to become the leading professional investment and development corporation in the region, VXT Group always promotes creative traditional values, reaches out to the international level, and creates prosperous and sustainable values ​​for the company. community.


With the motto of cooperation, along with strategic partners combined with the professionalism, efficiency, and creativity of the staff, VXT Group is committed to bringing added value to customers and creating new solutions. sustainable and humane values ​​for society:
Give your customers a unique experience
Nurturing trust, growing together
Build achievements together, share results together
Creating sustainable and humane values ​​for society

Core values

The success and leading position of the VXT brand in the market today is developed and maintained based on the core values:


On the basis of traditional values, the next generation of young people harmoniously and creatively combines other elements


Team Value

With the pioneering mission of a professional corporation, with business ethics and development for the community, with the principle of action of Prestige - Sustainability - Humanity, taking People as the center of development, the Group VXT is always determined to selectively inherit and promote cultural traditions; always maintain the spirit of rising up, developing the organization to be more Innovative and Professional, towards dynamism and creativity; Constantly Create values ​​of prosperity, build VXT Group to increasingly assert its position on the map of the country and international integration. VXT always considers its organization as a common roof, where fairness is respected, and employees are encouraged and encouraged in a timely manner to promote their full responsibilities and capacity. VXT members always encourage, understand, and share to build a common and sustainable home.

Corporate culture

The foundation of VXT Group is built on the founder's aspiration and thought, thereby spreading, inspiring, creating the strength of unity, and guiding the next generations. That inspiration has become the unique cultural identity of VXT Group and inherited, promoted, and resonated with thousands of VXT employees in each successive development program and in all areas of operation. operation, production, and business of the Group. The strength of solidarity has helped all members of VXT always look in the same direction, walk in the same rhythm, and agree to continue writing the next pages of the Group's history in a new spirit, new opportunities, and new challenges. Promoting internal resources, combining external forces, and developing staff based on the following criteria: Discipline - Professionalism - Cooperation - Creativity - Efficiency, bringing maximum benefits to the community and customers through high-quality products and works imbued with VXT's identity.